One man's journey to the darkest corners of food, beverage, music and it's outlandish inherent social interactions. All of this viewed through the bloodshot eyes, bitter taste and ringing ears of a disgruntled 40 year restauranteur.

The Dr. gets Pumped Up – Episode 3

– Our new alarm system gets implemented.
– A pseudo-religious rant.
– An interview with Carter Raff of Raff Distillerie.
– Q&A, Seattle style.
– Let’s all go to “The Bar”.
– The Deadly Moltov Mojito.

Special thanks to SF Queeni for contribution of drink names and lively performance on this episode.


The Dr. is Resurrected – Episode 2

-A polemic on the business of opening your own restaurant entitled, “The Bitter Taste”.
-A brief introductory moment with our new curator of cocktails, Carter Raff of Raff Distillerie.
-A crazed recollection of the Dr.’s days in old Vegas.
-An interview with Victoria Theodore, keyboardist and vocalist with Stevie Wonder and Arsenio Hall’s “Posse 2.0”.
-Question & Answer segment.


The Virgin Podcast – Episode 1

Meet Dr. Daddy and Mother Earth in this, our first episode.
-Brief explanation of show’s direction and the adventures that follow
-Incredible interview with blues singer/songwriter Paula Harris
-“To Swallow Or Not To Swallow” advice blog
-Premiere of pod novella “Penguins Of The Flame” Vegas 1970’s