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Ramblings by Dr D

It’s all about the Neon, Man

…this weekend an estimated half a million ravenous souls will land upon these desert shores and attempt to devour our quiet little valley like it was a 99cent buffet.   (see Nevada Club)
so.. what happens when the feasting has expired? when the hopes dreams and aspirations for sudden wealth have disappeared as well as your next mortgage payment?

what happens when the thrill is gone?
when you’re broke, busted and been sodomized on overpriced strip cockytails and have been virtually raped of your retirement savings from the holy roller odds at the roulette table?
what to do, what to do?
so watta ya say kids?
Are you now willing to forgo the big hotels, lavish casinos, seafood buffets, valet parking, Debbie Reynolds and seek the cheaper thrills out there?
and secondly…what the hell is this unusual set of cravings that has accelerated the flow of blood to my erroneous parts still operating at this ungodly hour?

” its part of you now “

so, come 2am…when most have been ridden hard and not ready to call it a day.. a serpent will arise and lead these forsaken lust-bunnies to the “glitter gulch”

where the neon bites into the very veins of Vegas and fills it with its colorless, odorless venom.
Where the beast is most brilliant.

so…the buzz is that our illustrious editor has  been rumored to have went on a last minute trip…without leaving his bungalow..#awol so…in his place here is one of dds favorite Bukowski poems.. ~V~

roll the dice
if you’re gonna try
go all the way
otherwise dont get into it
if your gonna try
go all the way
this could mean losing girlfriends,  wives, relatives, jobs and maybe your mind
go all the way
it could mean not eating for 3 to 4 days
It could mean freezing to death on a park bench
it could mean jail alcoholism
it could mean derision, mockery
go all the way….

charles bukowski

Guest Editorials
Labor Day

ReVisiting Labor Day

Editorial by Greg Siri
Revisiting Labor Day wishes and thoughts from 2020 for 2021  — Thankful for the pretty big upgrade delivered by 80-something million, positive changes trickling in. On the other side, there’s still a ton of wrong to right, broken to fix..
… Forty years of stripping away the New Deal Socialism that made us kinda great. Piling on four-plus years of Fascism and flat-out tearing down our health, economy, society, unity, democracy, truth, reality…
… And as Voting Habits, COVID Behavior & Climate Changed have shown, it seems we now lack enough critical mass of common sense, intelligence, empathy, diligence, will, & even basic self-preservation instinct to repair the damage & save ourselves…
Anyway… Hope everyone had a Happy Labor Day 2021. The official holiday of Democratic Socialism. It’s get back to work Tuesday…
Please make sure to vote No on the California Recall by September 14th. The 1 can only stomp out the 99, & the 30 can only unwittingly support the 1 & make things worse, when the 70 don’t stand up. 
Do what you can to make the world better, not worse. Come together. Improve the present. Save the future. It’s up to us.
*** From Labor Day 2020, with just as much feeling for 2021…
Happy Labor Day to All. The official holiday of whatever tiny bits are left of the “Democratic Socialism” that once made America pretty great — Enjoy the day off in celebration of all working people.
The best of holiday wishes to the Most Awesome of our Socialist Workers — Even if huge numbers of them don’t actually get the day off — Our firefighters, teachers, nurses, paramedics, non-murderous law enforcement, the people who keep our public parks, lakes and beaches open for our holiday outings, all the essential workers who keep our food coming, our markets, pharmacies and hardware stores open, our restaurants serving (take out and distanced outdoor dining)…
And best to our “suckers and losers,” taught to fear the “horrors of socialism.” Pawns of the billionaires, unwittingly fighting against their own and their neighbors’ self interests. Best even to our union workers, the greatest beneficiaries of what used to be socialism here, and sadly, often the loudest in shouting it down, also making them unwitting hypocrites and “ladder-pullers.”
And be especially grateful Labor Day here hasn’t yet been changed to “Pull Yourself Up By The Bootstraps Day,” where all regular people work — with a few extra hours of unpaid overtime. Where the CEOs already make as much in a few hours as their average employee does in a year…
Enjoy some BBQ and favorite beverages. Wear sunscreen and stay hydrated. And definitely [get vaxxed,] distance and mask up!
So, everyone enjoy the unofficial last day of summer — In an officially lost summer and year for America — Last place in leadership. Last place in the pandemic fight. On another blisteringly hot day. In another brutal heat wave. In the middle of the west’s mega draught. Our skies still choked with wildfire smoke. All just part of our climate-changed new and not so great normal.
Because on Tuesday, it’ll all be back to 100% twisted and ignorantly worshipped “American Capitalism” — The corporate welfare state. With the system that funnels wealth to the richest most powerful few. Where corporations are people, and the people that matter most are the richest and most powerful ones. 
Where rich people’s extra money makes more, and is taxed less, than the hard work of regular people. Where taxes are cut for the rich, and services cut for the people. Where tax dollars are no lo

A satire for the serious lunatic, TOO HARD TO SWALLOW takes the listener along on one man’s journey to the darkest corners of the food, beverage, music industriy and it’s outlandish inherit social interactions… All  viewed through the blood shot eyes, bitter taste and ringing ears of a disgruntled 40 year restauranteur. 


Episode 7: Movin’ On Up

A very bitter taste… Restaurantics 101. Join the dynamic duo: Dominic & Irma on their quest to find the American Dream.

Episode 6: The Dr Interviews Paula Harris

It’s time to revive a classic episode with sweet talking Paula Harris, as she shows off a great pair of lungs. The dr answers a timely question and we take a vivalasvegas moment with the Penguins of the Flame. 

Episode 5: The Quaalude Shuffle

In this episode, the Dr seriously cares about a listener’s concerns. In a brief vintage moment, we get drunk with Carter, our curator of cocktails and last but not least kids, we do the Quaalude Shuffle.

And for the slow kids, make sure to listen in order!

Krystal's Kosmos

Aries: Be as cocky as you want. Screw anyone else that stands in your way.

Taurus: Flair your nostrils and let some steam out. Run head on into obstacles full speed.

Gemini: Drink and party to your heart’s content. Got a lude?

Cancer: Don’t answer any questions directly. Just grin… it keeps everyone guessing.

Leo: Do everything in your power to keep the attention on you. After all, everyone likes you best anyway.

Virgo: No one else knows as much as you about anything. Feel free to announce this to those around you.

Libra: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, unless you are a Libra – no one compares to your reflection in the mirror.

Scorpio: Observe others closely so your judgement is accurate. Embezzlement is in your future. 

Sagittarius: Don’t bother trying to curb your urges… enjoy multiple partners. You only live once!

Capricorn: Over analyze everything, then you can be sure to not miss the downside.

Aquarius: Take credit for all good ideas. This is the only way to get ahead.

Pisces: Base all decisions on emotion, that’s the way to true happiness.

If you were born this month… drag your ass out of bed and stop moping. Bet all your chips on the fight.