Las Vegas, NV

June 1974



...by One-Eyed Jack

Rumble in the Jungle

It will to be the biggest sporting event in the history! Where will you watch the biggest boxing match this planet has ever seen.  In 40 years you kids will ask “Dad, did you watch the Rumble in the Jungle?”  You’d better be able to answer yes.

September 24th, Live from Kinshasa Zaire, The heavy weight champion of the world defends his title against Muhammad Ali in a scheduled 15 round fight. Better get your pay per view ordered today!  

George Foreman is the most dangerous man alive!  No man in the history of sports has ever delivered harder shots than this giant.  There are some who fear for the life of the American hero Mohamed Ali.  They think he could actually kill Ali right in the ring.  How could any man ever survive such a vicious attack?

This fight will most certainly be a blood bath.

Foreman recently knocked down Smoking Joe Frazier 6 times in just two rounds, a feat Ali was unable to do in 27 rounds over two fights against Frazier.  Ali’s only chance to win is to avoid the massive blows from the champ and somehow make it to the end of 15 rounds in order to win a decision on point.  It would seem impossible to even conceive the possibility of Ali knocking George down.

All signs point to an early and easy knock out for the the champ.  I personally don’t see the fight making it tho the third round.  Ali’s big mouth won’t be effective against the stoic giant Foreman.  This sadly could be the end of storied career for Ali.  It will likely mark an end of an era in boxing.

BET THE FARM: I told you to go all in on the Celtics! Maybe you’ll listen to me next time… O.E.J. sure bets: Foreman in the fight; Flyers will take the NHL by storm; Oakland A’s will do it again.

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