Revisiting Labor Day

Labor Day

ReVisiting Labor Day Editorial by Greg Siri Revisiting Labor Day wishes and thoughts from 2020 for 2021  — Thankful for the pretty big upgrade delivered by 80-something million, positive changes trickling in. On the other side, there’s still a ton of wrong to right, broken to fix.. … Forty years of stripping away the New Deal […]

Vegas Under Attack

VEGAS UNDER ATTACK! Ramblings by Dr D It’s all about the Neon, Man …this weekend an estimated half a million ravenous souls will land upon these desert shores and attempt to devour our quiet little valley like it was a 99cent buffet.   (see Nevada Club)so.. what happens when the feasting has expired? when the hopes […]

It’s All Bach’s Fault

The Days the Music Died It’s All Bach’s Fault! …By V Strap yourself in for some schooling, my dear friends. In this, the first of a series on music’s ups and downs, triumphs and perils, I will reveal to you a crazy theory. A theory so far out of conventional wisdom, many of you will […]