Rumble in the Jungle

HITS, CHIPS & BETS …by One-Eyed Jack It will to be the biggest sporting event in the history! Where will you watch the biggest boxing match this planet has ever seen.  In 40 years you kids will ask “Dad, did you watch the Rumble in the Jungle?”  You’d better be able to answer yes. September 24th, Live […]

Vegas Under Attack

later in todays column:
“the future of polyester”
“the pinto vs the gremlin”
“ludes vs blow”
” is tricky dick ficked?”

It’s All Bach’s Fault

Strap yourself in for some schooling, my dear friends. In this, the first of a series on music’s ups and downs, triumphs and perils, I will reveal to you a crazy theory. A theory so far out of conventional wisdom, many of you will stop reading once I make the statement. 

Johann Sebastian Bach killed music. Yes, THE Johann Sebastian Bach from the turn of the 18th Century, revered by all — except yours truly — to be one of the greatest composers to ever live, stabbed music in the back and twisted the proverbial knife. Now, catch your collective breaths. Grab a paper bag and breathe if need be… I warned you.