Dining Drinking & Debauchery

by dd

Vegas Under Attack!

It's All About the Neon, Man

…this weekend an estimated half a million ravenous souls will land upon these desert shores and attempt to devour our quiet little valley like it was a 99cent buffet. (see Nevada Club) so.. what happens when the feasting has expired…when the hopes dreams and aspirations for sudden wealth have disappeared as well as your next mortgage payment?

what happens when the thrill is gone? when you’re broke, busted and been sodomized on overpriced strip cockytails and have been virtually raped of your retirement savings from the holy roller odds at the roulette table?

so watta ya say kids? are you now willing to forgo the big hotels, lavish casinos, seafood buffets, valet parking, Debbie Reynolds and seek the cheaper thrills out there?

what the hell is this unusual set of cravings that has accelerated the flow of blood to my erroneous parts still operating at this ungodly hour?

” its part of you now “

so, come 2am…when most have been ridden hard and not ready to call it a day.. a serpent will arise and lead these forsaken lust-bunnies to the “glitter gulch”

where the neon bites into the very veins of Vegas and fills it with its colorless, odorless venom.
Where the beast is most brilliant.

later in todays column: 

“the future of polyester”
“the pinto vs the gremlin”
“ludes vs blow”
also:” is tricky dick ficked?”

continued >>

"Destiny always reassembles itself to the pattern it is supposed to be." -dd

The Days the Music Died

It's All Bach's Fault! ...By V

Strap yourself in for some schooling, my dear friends. In this, the first of a series on music’s ups and downs, triumphs and perils, I will reveal to you a crazy theory. A theory so far out of conventional wisdom, many of you will stop reading once I make the statement.  

Johann Sebastian Bach killed music. Yes, THE Johann Sebastian Bach from the turn of the 18th Century, revered by all — except yours truly — to be one of the greatest composers to ever live, stabbed music in the back and twisted the proverbial knife. Now, catch your collective breaths. Grab a paper bag and breathe if need be… I warned you. 


Hey Kids,  dd here. Get ready for our next edition, as the gang from THTS blasts off into the future. Mother Earth and I pop some ludes, lick some stamps and jump into the rabbit hole… propelling us into a time and place like no other …

the year 


(cue dramatic music)


Vice & Counsel

The Wisdom of a Waitress

….so once upon a neon moon.. I was dropped off, kicked out, shoved aside and left to rot in this clusterphuk of a burg by that  miserable bagoshyt xofmine and our wonderful dream of  opening our own restaurant became a crappy nightmare. Naturally, the jerk’s got a whole different take on the sordid tale… but that’s another story we’ll get into later, sweeties.

“Born under a bad sign 
Dropped under a stop sign”

So, after literally lifting my ass off the sidewalk,  I dragged this broken bod into the closest greasy spoon  where I managed to grab a cup of mud at the counter while I watched our waitress do a tantric-style methedrine dance,  freak out  and start a wicked knife fight with the graveyard cook. She gets arrested and guess who  gets her shift? Yours truly… and  I’ve been working the graveyard counter ever since.

Now… you gotta understand.. this is the kind of joint where everybody ends up by sunrise. We got your big-time stars of the strip and beyond, drug addicts, hookers, bookers, off duty cops , on duty pimps and the other freaks of nature wandering the asphalt  at this ungodly hour. Naturally, I got to know everybody’s story….uncut and unclean…if you know what I mean?

“Breaking news: Our gravegal becomes part owner and renames it Krystal’s”

So, go ahead and address your inquiries or whatever to Krystal and when I’m not slinging hash to the lunatics  I’ll grab a cuppa joe, light a chesterfield and attempt to handle the heavy stuff like….
What Siegfried did to Roy; What Rodney D. used our meat locker for; Did Mr. Vegas’ receive illegal butt implants? Who basically takes it where and what everyone seems to be searching for… honestly, it ain’t fricken pie and coffee,  kids.

Anyway the joints starting to fill up, so hurry up with your orders, I’ve got customers waiting,  honey.


P.S. I hope you rot in hell, D.  ~I~

Are you serious???
Tricky Dick's DOJ busted this con man for not renting apartments to blacks back east so... Just what is this sleazeball doing in Vegas?


RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE ...by One-Eyed Jack

It will to be the biggest sporting event in the history! Where will you watch the biggest boxing match this planet has ever seen.  In 40 years you kids will ask “Dad, did you watch the Rumble in the Jungle?”  You’d better be able to answer yes.

September 24th, Live from Kinshasa Zaire, The heavy weight champion of the world defends his title against Muhammad Ali in a scheduled 15 round fight. Better get your pay per view ordered today!  

George Foreman is the most dangerous man alive!  No man in the history of sports has ever delivered harder shots than this giant.  There are some who fear for the life of the American hero Mohamed Ali.  They think he could actually kill Ali right in the ring.  How could any man ever survive such a vicious attack?

This fight will most certainly be a blood bath.



A satire for the serious lunatic, TOO HARD TO SWALLOW takes the listener along on one man’s journey to the darkest corners of the food, beverage, music industriy and it’s outlandish inherit social interactions… All  viewed through the blood shot eyes, bitter taste and ringing ears of a disgruntled 40 year restauranteur. 


Episode 7: Movin’ On Up

A very bitter taste… Restaurantics 101. Join the dynamic duo: Dominic & Irma on their quest to find the American Dream.

Episode 6: The Dr Interviews Paula Harris

It’s time to revive a classic episode with sweet talking Paula Harris, as she shows off a great pair of lungs. The dr answers a timely question and we take a vivalasvegas moment with the Penguins of the Flame. 

Episode 5: The Quaalude Shuffle

In this episode, the Dr seriously cares about a listener’s concerns. In a brief vintage moment, we get drunk with Carter, our curator of cocktails and last but not least kids, we do the Quaalude Shuffle.

And for the slow kids, make sure to listen in order!

Huntridge Theater
Coming Soon

Krystal's Kosmos

Aries: Be as cocky as you want. Screw anyone else that stands in your way.

Taurus: Flair your nostrils and let some steam out. Run head on into obstacles full speed.

Gemini: Drink and party to your heart’s content. Got a lude?

Cancer: Don’t answer any questions directly. Just grin… it keeps everyone guessing.

Leo: Do everything in your power to keep the attention on you. After all, everyone likes you best anyway.

Virgo: No one else knows as much as you about anything. Feel free to announce this to those around you.

Libra: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, unless you are a Libra – no one compares to your reflection in the mirror.

Scorpio: Observe others closely so your judgement is accurate. Embezzlement is in your future. 

Sagittarius: Don’t bother trying to curb your urges… enjoy multiple partners. You only live once!

Capricorn: Over analyze everything, then you can be sure to not miss the downside.

Aquarius: Take credit for all good ideas. This is the only way to get ahead.

Pisces: Base all decisions on emotion, that’s the way to true happiness.

If you were born this month… drag your ass out of bed and stop moping. Bet all your chips on the fight.